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Incubation Tips


99.5 F - Forced Air Incubator

100.5 F - Still Air Incubator

 Hatch Time 

24 Days - Total Hatch Time 

Days 1-21 Turn 4X Per Day 

Days 21-24 Lockdown


Days 1-21 ~ 55% - 60% 

Days 21-24 ~ 70%+ 

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Guide for Incubator Settings


The following is a guide for incubator settings; this is only a guide. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations if they are given for quail.

Note the difference in the temperatures listed for still-air and forced-air incubators.


Forced-air incubators are those with internal fan air circulation. Still-air incubators usually have very small capacities, up to 50 quail eggs. In these, the thermometer bulb is located near the tops of the eggs without touching them.

Period of incubation: 23 - 24 days

Incubator temperature (at set)

Forced‐air 99.5 ‐ 100ºF

Still‐air 100.5 - 102ºF


(at set) 84 ‐ 86ºF wet bulb

(at pip) 90 ‐ 94ºF wet bulb

 Initially, following the manufacturer's recommendation on temperature and humidity settings is very important. After a few hatches you may find you need to vary from the manufacturer's guide for best results. More quail raisers have problems with humidity than with temperature.


If the incubator has multiple trays, operate it with all trays in position all times (whether with or without eggs) to maintain proper temperature and humidity readings.


For continuous incubation or where trays contain eggs of various stages of incubation, a temperature setting of 100ºF and a wet bulb reading of 90ºF work satisfactorily.


Move the eggs to the hatcher on the 21st day of incubation. A temperature of 99-100ºF and relative humidity of 90-94ºF W.B. is recommended for hatching. No turning is practiced after the 21st day. Hatchability of total eggs set should be 75-85 percent, if it is not atleast 60% (on the purchased quantity) contact us.


Information duplicated and adapted from Mississippi State University, Click HERE for their full article and other resources. 

Note: We recommend a slightly different temperature vs their initial publication. In our experience the temperature listed above has produced satisfactory results but other setups may need modification.  

Why Choose Carolina Quail Co?


At Carolina Quail Co, we take immense pride in providing our customers with the highest quality bobwhite quail hatching eggs. Our carefully curated collection of eggs comes from healthy and well-maintained quail flocks, ensuring superior genetics and robust offspring.

Our Commitment to Sustainability


At Carolina Quail Co, we embrace sustainable and ethical practices. Our quail flocks are raised in spacious and comfortable environments, fed with premium quality feeds, and treated with care and respect.

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