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Shipping Policy

Chicks & Eggs: Next day or two day shipping available throughout the continental United States. Chicks are shipped the day of or the day after hatching (depending on hatch time). 

Live Birds (Older than 3 days): Due to carrier restrictions live birds older than chicks (pullets and adults) can not be shipped. We do, however, offer direct deliveries throughout the Southeast. Larger Minimum order sizes may apply dependent on distance. Direct delivery rates are approximately $1 per one way mile from Aynor, South Carolina to your location. Ex. delivery to Charleston, South Carolina is approximately $115. We can also schedule partial route deliveries (we meet you between our base and your location).


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions about delivery options! 

Return & Exchange Policy

Chicks & Eggs: If your package is delivered damaged we will work with the carrier to quickly get a replacement in route at no cost to you, or will credit you based on the number of damaged units. Images of broken eggs or dead chicks must be sent the same day the package is delivered. If damage does occur please contact immediately upon arrival. 

Adult Birds: All live bird sales are final. We encourage customers to inspect the birds when delivery is taken.


Products & Accessories: We offer a free 30 day money back guarantee on all products, you may be responsible for shipping. 


To start a return please fill out the contact form and a representative will quickly reach out.  

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